Journal of Medical Signals & Sensors

: 2014  |  Volume : 4  |  Issue : 3  |  Page : 181--193

Specification and Verification of Medical Monitoring System Using Petri-nets

Negar Majma1, Seyed Morteza Babamir2 
1 Departments of Computer University of Kashan, Kashan; Naghshejahan Higher Education Institute, Isfahan, Iran
2 Departments of Computer University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran

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To monitor the patient behavior, data are collected from patient俟Q製 body by a medical monitoring device so as to calculate the output using embedded software. Incorrect calculations may endanger the patient俟Q製 life if the software fails to meet the patient俟Q製 requirements. Accordingly, the veracity of the software behavior is a matter of concern in the medicine; moreover, the data collected from the patient俟Q製 body are fuzzy. Some methods have already dealt with monitoring the medical monitoring devices; however, model based monitoring fuzzy computations of such devices have been addressed less. The present paper aims to present synthesizing a fuzzy Petri-net (FPN) model to verify behavior of a sample medical monitoring device called continuous infusion insulin (INS) because Petri-net (PN) is one of the formal and visual methods to verify the software俟Q製 behavior. The device is worn by the diabetic patients and then the software calculates the INS dose and makes a decision for injection. The input and output of the infusion INS software are not crisp in the real world; therefore, we present them in fuzzy variables. Afterwards, we use FPN instead of clear PN to model the fuzzy variables. The paper follows three steps to synthesize an FPN to deal with verification of the infusion INS device: (1) Definition of fuzzy variables, (2) definition of fuzzy rules and (3) design of the FPN model to verify the software behavior.

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